Our Santa Monica Nursing Home And Rehab Facility In Action

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March 8, 2012
March 9, 2019

Our Santa Monica Nursing Home And Rehab Facility In Action

Nursing Homes Santa MonicaWhen caring for an elderly parent or relative, there may come a time when their health conditions require that they be placed in a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility. This is typically the time when most people begin thinking about the inner workings of a nursing home.

A nursing home, or more accurately, a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility offers long and short-term stays for patients in need of health services. Some admitted residents may not be healthy enough for rehabilitation, while others will progress through their rehabilitation goals. Friends and family may visit residents and encourage them or comfort them if they are on medication, IV or hospice.

When To Consider Nursing Care in Santa Monica

Elderly people can face challenging health concerns such as chronic illness, wounds or other complications from aging. Hip, knee and shoulder surgeries may also cause a need for physical rehabilitation therapy. Nursing and therapy staff members are highly trained in a wide variety of skill sets. The staff members must work together in coordinating patient care according to the assessed patient goals. The rehabilitation and nursing teams have to know a variety of ways to provide quality care to patients. Skilled nursing facilities are open all day, everyday. Every staff member must keep accurate patient notes in order to help the next shift of workers.

A skilled nursing facility will provide proper care for patients who have complex health issues that make it too difficult for assisted living facilities and home caretakers to deal with safely. There are many possible complications that might result in a nursing home stay, diabetic wounds, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and physical weakness from aging

State Regulation of Nursing Homes

The California Department of Health & Human Services regulates nursing facilities in the state that the facility is operating in. The state regulations require that nursing facilities in Santa Monica pass various tests in order to remain operational. The facilities are tested for quality of care and cleanliness among other things, like patient documentation. Higher rated facilities gain more local credibility.

Nursing Homes Provide Social Interaction

Nursing homes usually offer social services and other activities along with some basics like, laundry and minimal transportation. The rehabilitation and nursing staff at our Santa Monica facility provide various skills and procedures such as, wound care, dementia and diabetic care, IV medication, pain management and physical rehab services like, Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy.

Every patient receives a personalized care plan based on their assessed levels. Ensuring quality patient care at a nursing facility is everyone’s top priority. All nursing home staff should be driven to help their patients be their personal best.

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