A Santa Monica Nursing Home That Feels Like Home

September 15, 2010
Seaport 17th in Santa Monica
Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation in Santa Monica
March 8, 2012

A Santa Monica Nursing Home That Feels Like Home

Seaport 17th Garden View

Seaport 17th is not just a nursing home, but a top of the line skilled nursing and rehabilitation center in Santa Monica, CA. We know that a beautiful environment has a positive impact on patient well-being. We have a nicely manicured entry and a courtyard with fruit trees. Our courtyard is also home to our soothing koi pond.These spaces offer a comfortable setting to get some fresh air and soak up a bit of sun.

Our compassionate staff has the biggest impact on creating a positive patient experience. Our rehabilitation and nursing teams collaborate to assist patients with reach their wellness goals. When you decide to stay at Seaport, we don’t want you to feel like your just at any Santa Monica nursing home. We simply want you to feel at home.

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